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US Markets are Closed. US Markets are open from 9.30-16.00 ET Monday-Friday. However, you can buy stocks with latest prices even now.

ALTI 26.97% 4.59    Buy
SAB 12.5% 7.99    Buy
SAB 12.5% 7.99    Buy
MTL -12.2% 1.59    Buy
JOB 9.38% 1.2    Buy
FTO 7.37% 32.24    Buy
3227.TWO 7.22% 108    Buy
ZQK -6.98% 1.84    Buy
GSX -6.67% 0.024    Buy
ESIO 5.66% 8.07    Buy

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The stock game!

Stock market exchange game

Stock Shark is a free stock market exchange game where you trade with virtual money but REAL stocks, real prices and real experience.

Stock Shark's stocks and shares game was built for fun, meant for everyone interested in trading stocks, but who don't have necessary knowledge nor experience yet.

If you have any suggestions or have problems, please post them to our stocks forums.

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